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November 23 Let’s Get Real

November 23 Let’s Get Real

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Each session is personalized for you; Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre- & Post-natal, Rehabilitative, Reflexology, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy & Reiki


We facilitate getting in touch with your deepest dreams & creating workable ways to manifest those dreams. Practice and learn Self Care techniques, to thrive & be fully alive


Promoting functional, mood mending movement. Kettlebell classes & individual training sessions available, low impact & friendly pace


Supporting moms & dads to have a healthy positive birth for their babies

Thrive’s Massage

Thrive’s massage is customized for each person by creating a healing relationship grounded in trust and respect. The massage aims to create an integration of your body, mind, heart, and spirit through a variety of bodywork and therapeutic massage techniques. We provide a wide range of methods from light, energetic work to deep tissue and myo-fascial release.  Thrive’s massage helps reduce chronic pain, relieve tension, improve range of motion, and create new and healthier patterns within your body.  Massage is an essential part of health care for anyone who desires to be dynamically well, fully alive, and truly thriving!

Whole Person Coaching:

Whole Person Health Coaching helps you create a simple, proactive plan to reach your full potential.  What is your purpose? What gives your life meaning and provides your soul with vitality?  Our coaching will help you to focus on what is possible, identify your goals, and activate your whole self toward living a life of optimal health, happiness and wellbeing.  Whole Person Health Coaching helps you attend to the 10 essentials for thriving health: sunshine, air, water, sleep, movement, food, touch, relationship with self, relationship with others, and connection to purpose. You will create an action oriented plan to create tools and habits that will support a lifetime of success!

Mood Mending Movement

Movement, commonly known as exercise, is vital for good health! Proper movement increases our strength, our flexibility, our immunity to disease and sickness, and our mood! At thrive we focus on the mood-mending properties of movement. Exercise should be fun and feel good.   Kettlebells are an extremely effective, easy, safe way to get into fabulous shape.  Utilizing  kettlebells,  yoga, functional body weight exercises, dance, and high intensity training to help you create a personalized daily movement plan that works for you.


Wellbeing Massage

$40/$7530 Min/60 Min


Wellbeing Massage

$10090 Min


Wellbeing Massage

$120120 Min


Sports Massage

$8060 Min


Pre-natal Massage

$7560 Min


Post-natal massage

$7560 Min


kettlebell fitness

$35 60 minutes


Grief massage

$7575 minutes


Doulah package



About Me

Jessica Mott has 25+ years experience as a massage and bodywork professional, and is an Indiana certified massage therapist. She is nationally board certified by the NCBMTB and has been a member since 1994.  She is a member of the AMTA.  She received an individualized Bachelor degree from the University of Tenn in Holistic Health, in 1990.

Her work focuses on the whole person; and on balancing, aligning and integrating the body, mind, emotion, spirit and environment. What makes Jessica’s work holistic is her focus on creating a healing relationship grounded in trust and respect, honoring that each individual is the expert of his/her own destiny.

Jessica has had the privileged of being a labor support Doula for the last 22 years and has attended over 30+ births .  She is a certified Crossfit Kettlebell instructor.  She is the co-founder of Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, a local non-for-profit food pantry, which started in her garage. She received the Heart and Hand Award in 2007 for her work with MHC.

She is blessed to be a mother of three with two amazing living kids, a grown son and nearly grown daughter.  She is happily married to a scientist who shares her birthday. She feels very lucky to live in a community with such great people, quality food, amazing art & music, and natural beauty!

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