June 23 Tuesday Tone

June 23 Tuesday Tone

June 23 and let’s tone up our Tuesday with an arm focused workout: a combo tabata of push ups and triceps dips, 4 rounds of each, 8 rounds total. For each round, do as many of the exercise as you can; keeping proper form, for 20 seconds and the rest for 10 seconds. If you have a pull up bar available, you could add 2 rounds of pull up and just do 3 rounds of push ups and triceps dips.  If standard push ups are too challenging  for you, you can do your push ups on the wall or on your knees. Triceps dips become harder the more you keep your legs straight, so you decide how hard to make them. Pull ups can be done with chair or stool under you to assist. Kettle bell enthusiasts, can substitute a combo tabata of 4 rounds of military presses and 4 rounds of renegade rows. Self care activity for day is deal with one nagging task that you have been ignoring but popped up right when I mentioned it. The little thing you have been procrastinating or just putting off…it is ready to be done and you are ready to be done with it. Only you know what it is for you, but deal with it today as a gift to yourself.  Local folks: free kettlebell class at Mukti Yoga Studio Wedneday June 24 at 5:30pm at 615 N Fairview  by the b-line, just mention that you follow the Thrive blog. 

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  • Susan K says:

    Did the workout. I really appreciate the self care activity and the remark about a nagging task “…it is ready to be done and you are ready to be done with it.” That is a helpful line (but at 10:30 p.m. it looks like I still won’t get that nagging task done today!)

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