June 27 Thrive Movement and Self Care

June 27 Thrive Movement and Self Care

Today let’s our movement on with a set of 5 exercises, 40 repetitions each, for a total of 200 moves. Let’s do squats, lunges (20 each side), donkey kicks, mountain climbers and fire hydrants.  If you want to do kettlebells instead, do russian swings, one arm alternating, goblet squats, side bends and dead lifts.  Try to go straight through from one exercise to the next. That’s it. Easy-pesy.  If you didn’t quite get enough, rest and repeat! Self care activity for the day comes from my friend Marie Metelnick. I am not sure if she heard this idea elsewhere but I heard it from her.  You find a big, empty jar and label it the Gratitude Jar. Now add one thing you are feeling grateful for to get it started.  Now each time you do something super fun or have an experience that makes you feel grateful, you write it down or add a memento to the jar.  At the end of the year or whenever you need a reminder of how bless you are, you can empty your jar and remember all your good fortune.  I am grateful for good friends with great ideas!

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  • Susan K says:

    Did yesterday’s this morning and this one in the afternoon. I feel good! Thank you!

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