August 28 Feeling Fine Friday

August 28  Feeling Fine Friday

August 28 and we can use our movement to be feeling fine this Friday, Let’s do a 200 moves workout: 25 squats, 25 jumping jacks, 25 side lunges, 25 front lunges, 25 bicycle crunches, 25 leg lifts, 25 bridges, 25 second plank. Kettlebell folks can substitute 25 kettlebell swing,  25 deadlift,  25 side bends, 25 cleans, 25 upright row, 25 goblet squat, 25 military press, and 25 around the world’s for the other exercises.   We will try to go straight through, from one exercise to the next, and keep our pace steady.  Put some fun music on and try to stay focused on the move at hand.  For each move let’s use our best form, and listening intently to your body. Our exercise is not just a moment to move but it is also a moment to check into our body.  Paying attention to how you feel and where you feel things is crucial in our understanding what our body needs to function at its best. Today’s self care idea is to be tuned into our bodies. Let’s listen to our bodies the way we would an old friend who you cherish or your own child or your lover… listen with our mind, our heart, our soul, our eyes and ears and hands, listen with all of ourselves.  Today we don’t have to fix or change anything.  Just bring our awareness to ourselves. Happy Friday!