September 26 Blessing of Being Alive

September 26 Blessing of Being Alive

September 26, I am being a witness to my dear friend’s last few days of life and I am struck again by the awareness of what a blessing it is to be alive. Celebrate your life by moving with strength and grace and a lightness of being. Today’s workout is a fun one: put on your favorite jam and a timer. Try to dance for 10 minutes straight without stopping. If you get tired, slow down but just don’t stop. If you do need to stop that is OK too. Just listen to yourself and do what feels right to you.  Today the Lotus festival has free concerts in the Third Street Park… So you can dance to live music if you are inclined!


Today’s self care activity is to expose yourself to some kind of new art or music. With so much going on this weekend that should be easy. Happy Saturday!

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