October 22 Nurturing the Inner Smile

October 22  Nurturing the Inner Smile

Today’s workout is a combo tabata of helicopter twists and squats or kettlebell swings, 8 sets, 4 for each exercise, each set is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest (30 seconds x8) for a total of 4 minutes!  For the helicopter twists, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and externally torque your feet externally to ground them in the earth.  Spread your arms out to either side and twist at the waist letting your arms relax and wrap around your body as you twist back and forth. Your arms become like the blades of a helicopter.  For the squats and kb swings, start in the same position with feet shoulder width apart and feet grounded. Initiate and power both the squat and the swing with your hips, letting your bottom go backwards. Keep your knees behind your toes and your shins vertical, and keep your back straight and neck and head in line with your back throughout whole move.  Today’s self care activity is to give ourselves an inner smile.  In ancient China, the Taoists taught that the key to health, longevity and happiness was an inner smile.  The inner smile was a way to connect to body and mind, and a way to create a sense of balance and relaxation.   Start the inner smile by closing your eyes and smiling a relaxed deep smile to your eyes.  You should feel them relaxing  and a good tingling sensation of a huge inner smile coming through your eyes.  Once you feel that your eyes are smiling, then you direct that inner smile down the body to your inner organs, imagining filling them each with love.  There are three lines to smile down your body: the front line, middle line and back line.  The front line is eyes,face,neck, heart, blood circulatory system, lungs, liver, kidneys adrenals, pancreas and spleen. The middle line is mouth to stomach, small intestine, large intestine and pelvic floor and rectum. The back line is smiling down each vertebrae of your spine.  It will take a few minutes to smile to all your internal organs, but imagine them as dear friends  or your own children, and let your smile convey love and deep appreciation and respect.  Mantak Chia says, ” the inner smile gives you love where you most need it, at home.  Your home is your body because it is where you live no matter where you are.”