#21daysofsquats, #laurenbrooksfitness & Kettlebell Classes

#21daysofsquats, #laurenbrooksfitness  & Kettlebell Classes

I hadn’t been clear what the next fitness challenge should be… I wanted to build on the momentum and somehow do more with the squats. In my daily life I don’t have a ton of time to spend so I didn’t want it to just be more and more repetitions. That is when one of my friends suggested I do Lauren Brooks 21 day squat challenge, that includes some kettlebell additions.  How perfect!  I have admired and studied Lauren Brooks for her excellent kettlebell videos.  She has excellent form and is a wonderful teacher and trainer. I think this will be fun and you will get connected to her amazing resources.  I think her kettlebell videos are some of the best on the market and especially for women.   I will let her lead the exercise for the next 21 days!  http://laurenbrooks.laurenbrookstraining.com/2015/12/21-day-squat-challenge-21daysofsquats.html  She has  great videos on proper form and the option to choose body weight squats( which is what we have been doing), goblet squats or double front squats.   You might want to start out with body weight squats and then add weight as you go.  She suggests each week you pick a weight and stick with it all week. Today would be 25 squats, either as body weight squats or as a goblet squat.  I choose goblet squats with a 20 pound kettlebell.    If you are interested in learning how to use kettlebells, or want a group to workout with the kettlebells regularly, then you should check out the upcoming Thrive Kettlebell classes. Beginning Kettlebell Class will start next Tuesday Jan 5 at 5:30 pm at Ekah Yoga, 615 N Fairview.  It is an hour long class, no equipment or experience necessary.  Tuesday Jan 5 at 6:30 pm is a  30 minute kettlebell workout for folks who have had a beginner class or have basic knowledge of how to use the kettlebell.  This 30 minute class includes a warm up and tough workout!