Restorative Rest: You Earned It!

Restorative Rest: You Earned It!

January 22 and yesterday we finished the Lauren Brooks fitness 21 days of squats!  Yeah!  We did it.  I could tell there were no rest days, as I started to feel the soreness creeping in.  I am going to take a total rest day.  I am happy to have gotten through the challenge and managed a few other workouts as well.  I am going to look for things that feel like they restore me. I am going to receive a deep tissue massage, eat some yummy food, drink lots of water, and take a hot epsom salt bath.  How are you going to celebrate and restore yourself?!  Also I am planning to start the next challenge on February 1st if you want to think about joining in….  open to ideas and requests right now too!

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  • MK Peckham says:

    Have really enjoyed following you on this journey. (Wondering if I could do any modified version of this with my arthritis challenges.) admire you in so many ways, Jessica!

    • jessica says:

      Absolutely! Squats especially body weight squats should be absolutely fine for someone with arthritis. Proper form squats have very few contraindications. Doing squats with a rounded back can put the disks of lower back at risk, and deep squats (below 90 degrees) can be hard on troubled knees. If you keep your back straight and keep your knees behind your toes and only go as deep as you can without pain, squats should help both knees and lower backs. Squats would also be contraindicated in the case of prolapsed organs or in the case of hernias. If you worry about hurting yourself at all come in for a private session to make sure your form is safe. The session will be my treat, for it will be a treat to see you. I admire you in so many ways as well!

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