Day 23 of Exquisite Self Care~ Grounding

Day 23 of Exquisite Self Care~ Grounding

I hope everyone has been enjoying their 10-30 minutes of focused self care everyday. Remember I don’t expect you to do what I am doing, I am imagining you choosing something that feels exquisitely nurturing to you. I am sharing my journey in hopes it will inspire your own ideas of self care. This process has helped me see how much self care I really do accomplish and how I need to tune in to these daily moments of care. Today my focus in on grounding. Grounding is the idea that we can ground our bodies by being in regular contact with the Earth. The Earth is the literal ground in which we are all connected by gravity. Our bodies and cells have electrical energy. Positive electrons are in high prevalence in our world in the form of electromagnetic waves, Wi-Fi and mobile cell waves and these positive electrons can build up in our bodies. The Earth is a negative grounding charge and putting our feet or bodies in contact with the earth can balance out our excess negative electrons charge. I love being barefoot! I can feel the earth’s energy through the soles of my feet. When you ground to the electron-enriched earth, you get an improved balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system of your body.The Earth is a natural source of electrons and subtle electrical fields, which are essential for proper functioning of immune systems, circulation, synchronization of biorhythms and other physiological processes and may actually be the most effective, essential, least expensive, and easiest to attain antioxidant. Some of the recent evidence coming out of multiple studies documents how grounding in the earth can produce improvements in blood viscosity, heart rate variability, inflammation, cortisol dynamics, sleep, autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and reduced effects of stress. Today I put not just my feet but my whole body on the earth. I stepped on rocks, tree roots, sand, moss…I put my feet in the water… I turned my face up towards the Sun. I laid on the rocks. I soak in the earth’s strength and solidness through my feet and up the center of my body and out the center of my head; and then I drew the sun’s energy from my crown chakra down to my feet and buried that energy back in the earth. Grounding is easy to do anywhere but seems especially wonderful in a place of great beauty and wildness.

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  • Jenny says:

    I loved this blog and it inspired me to go outside barefoot in the sprinkling rain and walk through the thick clover and my favorite grass. It was awesome.

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