Day 25 of Self Care~ Drink Your Greens

Day 25 of Self Care~ Drink Your Greens

I like vegetables. I have been a vegetarian since I was four. Yet even I struggle to eat enough veggies for vital whole health. Preparing vegetables and vegetarian based dishes is more time consuming than similar meat based meals. Recently I became acquainted with the nutritious power of juice and particularly green juice– juice that is made of primarily green vegetables. Juicing definitely makes getting your suggested number of daily servings of vegetables easier and more efficient. Somehow juicing lets you mix and try more vegetables than you might regularly eat whole. For example, I find myself eating high quantities of parsley in my juices which is an herb high in iron, a nutrient that I need. I can not eat as much parsley as I can juice. Here is another secret of juicing, the nutrients are in a form that is very easy to absorb and very usable by the body. The juicing process has sort of pre-chewed the vegetable or fruit and made the nutrients from the vegetables and fruit very available for the body to use. Fruit juices even fresh ones can be incredibly high in sugar. A good sugar but still sugar. When you focus the juice on mainly greens and then add just enough fruit to make it yummy to you you increase its ability to alkalize the body and you greatly reduce the sugars. Green vegetables tend to be low in sugars. Studies involving fresh juice of both vegetables and fruits have suggested that juicing can improve immunity, increase energy, support brain health, and promote weight loss. There is no right or wrong way to make green juice. There are a thousand websites and books willing to give you recipes. But I like just using what is on hand and needs to be used. Sometimes veggies can still be juiced that you wouldn’t necessarily want to eat. I like making it up on the spot and just tweaking it as necessary. Today’s green drink: a cucumber, a handful of parsley, 2 big handfuls of spinach, a small handful of swiss chard, half a granny smith apple, and a few big chunks of frozen watermelon. Yum! If you come up with a great on the spot recipe please share it! Green juice is the true power drink! I am pretty sure Popeye would have my back on this one.

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  • Jenny says:

    That just sounds so good for you! I have been trying to drink goat kefir, I can only enjoy it if it has a sweet taste so I’ve been making it into a fruit smoothie.

    • jessica says:

      Goat kefir is so so good for you. The watermelon adds just enough sweet to make the green drink super tasty. I think you would like it. I

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