Day 26 of Exquisite Self Care~Power Nap

Day 26 of Exquisite Self Care~Power Nap

Resting isn’t my best skill set. I am still practicing how to rest. I am intrigue by people who can fall deep into sleep and pop back out in 10 minutes or so. There is lots of research to suggest those people get lots of brain benefits from the power nap practice. For me it is usually more of a power rest than a power nap as I have trouble going under that quickly; and if I do go under it is hard to pop back up. But I like the idea, so I am trying to get good at it. I find even just 10-15 minutes of lying down and resting is very restorative. I put my feet up, shut my eyes and try to relax my whole body. Sometimes I breathe with a lot of consciousness, sometimes I meditate, sometimes I just rest. Quietly. Sometimes I try it outside on the ground for the grounding. Today I crawled up on my bed. Recharging my batteries for the next part of the day. Power nap or power rest it is a great way to reset yourself and recharge your energy!!

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  • Jenny says:

    I love the way the word rest could be abbreviation for reset. That’s what it feels like to me. One thing I have been doing to Reset is taking a 3-5 min deep breathing, eyes closed rest followed by a drink of water. Just closing my eyes is very restful for me.

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