Day 30 of Exquisite Self Care~ Massage to Thrive

Day 30 of Exquisite Self Care~ Massage to Thrive

Today is the 30th day of the 30 days of Exquisite Self Care. Woot! Focusing on how to take care of myself in ways that felt exquisite has been very enlightening. I have become aware of all kinds of ways that I do take care of myself that I sometimes miss by not paying enough attention. I have also become aware of many simple, easy ways to take even better care of myself. The focused self care seemed to improve my self esteem. By caring for myself, I have been sending myself the not so subtle message that I am worthy of care. In general, it seems to be good for my relationships as well. I am a better communicator and more in my center when I take better care of myself. I have done so many different things to take care of myself: focused breathing, drinking more water, exercising, listening to music, being in nature, napping, wrestling with my shadow and the idea of being enough, gratitude, and more. This last day of the self care I wanted to do something special, so I received a 90+ minute massage from a highly skilled and deeply trusted massage therapist. We are lucky in Blooomington to have many amazingly talented therapists with a wide range of skill sets. When I went to my massage I was feeling beat up and slow; everything ached, especially my feet and hands. At the end of the massage I felt younger. My joints felt freer and I could literally move more freely. My shoulders had better range of motion, as did my hips. My feet and hands no longer ached. I felt like each cell was literally more alive and more connected. I love massage! There is a reason I practice massage myself. I truly believe in its power to help heal the body and to fully thrive. I regularly practice daily self massage to get by, but there is something about another person touching you with a healing intention that is so powerful. A good massage is a work of art, a dance between the therapist and client. Some people think of massage as a treat, but for me it is a necessity. I need massages to be able to continue to give massages. I need massages to function and move at my highest level. I need massages to stay well and keep my immune system fully functioning. Yep, it was an exquisite massage. What a great way for me to end the challenge. How did your 30 days of self care go? What was the best thing you did? Please share.. ..

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  • Winford J. Blakeney says:

    this was so very helpful. I have been thinking about moving to this town.

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